larson dairy farm update


Evidence affirms demonstrations utilizing construction rebar and other tools by employees.

On December 13th, 2017, ARM released footage uncovering new employees at the Larson Dairy Farm beating and tormenting animals. This follows the recent release of it’s findings of the Larson Dairy Farm, as part of ARM’s factory farming division.

To learn more about the Larson Dairy Farm Investigation in detail, scroll below to learn of detailed accounts, undercover footage and photographs of the criminal acts being conducted on the dairy cows daily.

Watch the undercover footage captured by ARM’s investigator’s. This footage is released following claims that Jacob Larson, owner of Larson Dairy Farm, was unaware of the animal cruelty that was uncovered.

Following the initial release of the investigation, Mr Jacob Larson publicly stated that he was “shocked at the findings of the investigation”.

On November 7th, 2017, Jacob Larson also made the following public statements:

“We are deeply saddened and appalled by the actions witnessed in this video, which first came to our attention this morning. The unusual use of force is simply unacceptable on our dairy or on any other farm.

We have strict protocols involving animal care and clearly the behavior shown in this video goes against everything we stand for and will not be tolerated….Dairy farmers have the utmost responsibility to compassionately care for our animals and this is not an adequate reflection of how we do that on a daily basis.”

Okeechobee Sheriff, Noel E Stephen continued with his statement; “…the Larson family, which he has known for more than 30 years, would not have been involved in anything like the abuse shown at the farm……These gentlemen would not condone this activity,” he said. “Had they known about it, they would have fired them on the spot.”

Criminal investigations are still ongoing..