Animal Recovery Mission

The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), is a vanguard investigative animal welfare organization that was developed in 2010 by Richard Couto, shortly after he was exposed to one of Miami’s darkest and most brutal animal cruelty operations. Upon this discovery of illegal animal slaughter farms and the black market horse meat trade, Couto, also known as ‘Kudo,’ invoked his vision of exposing and implementing solutions for extreme criminal acts towards animals into reality and created an unstoppable team who are dedicated to our organizations cause.

ARM Investigations has been carefully constructed as a direct-action organization.  We conduct innovative investigative tactics to gather compelling evidence. ARM collaborates with local law enforcement, State attorneys, environmental protection agencies and The Animal Legal Defense Fund to produce concrete evidence to put an end to criminal acts involving animal torture.

ARM has since become the foremost expert organization in illegal horse slaughter. We specialize in condemning illegal animal slaughter farms in the United States. Our investigations, however, are not limited to slaughter farms as we are also actively investigating the black market horse meat trade, bestiality, underground animal fighting rings, fox & coyote penning games, and bear bile farms, to name a few, as well as the preservation of Wild Mustangs.

Succeeding in our investigations and exposing the truth as well as the eradication of these illegal practices have produced life changing results and permanent solutions. ARM’s goals and vision is to constantly strive to raise the bar for the welfare of animals and to prevent and reduce their pain, fear and suffering.

As an organization we strive to be the defending force for destitute animals and to make significant improvements in how they are treated by exposing the truth, implementing laws to protect and educating the public on these illegal and barbaric practices. ARM prides it self on taking up the challenges that no one else will.


2018 990

2017 990

Board Members:

Richard Couto, President

Maia Chrepcala, Vice President

Kris Lowney, Treasurer