Operation Walker Lake

In 2010, ARM Investigations teamed up with wild horse advocates Respect 4 Horses and started a campaign to save a Herd of untouched wild mustangs in Hawthorne, Nevada. These majestic wild horses were roaming upon an oasis in the desert around Walker Lake, hence why we named the herd ‘The Walker Laker Herd”. The wild horses precariously found themselves on Military property used for testing bombs. Using ARM’s reliable connections with the media to expose and embarrass both the Military and the BLM, we were able to force the salvation and protection of these horses.

The Department of the Interior (DOI) had these horses scheduled for removal at the end of November 2010. Still, our strong alliances, extensive documentation, and campaigning caused the round-up to cease on November 3, 2010. The Walker Lake herd is now protected and safe to roam free within Walker Lake’s expansive green pastures. 

The Department of the Interior has also since installed a fence to keep the horses safe and off the bordering highway, the first time in US history, a wild horse round-up was called off by the BLM!

In August 2012, ARM Investigations returned to Walker Lake to monitor the herd and continue to watch over them regularly.