Operation VIP

VIP Animal Sales, located just 30 minutes drive South from the hub Miami Beach, staged a torture farm for animals. The animals were at the mercy of heartless, criminal animal cruelty offenders, drug dealers, convicted horse killers, and even a pedophile who at the time of the investigations was working within feet of children under the age of 8 years of age.

Aside from the health, safety dangers and crimes towards the community taking place on this property, animals were suffering some of the cruelest forms of torture and deaths, often (documented) while still alive. These included but are not limited to being; beaten, skinned and butchered alive, waterboarded, stabbed to death, and drowned alive in boiling vats of hot water. Animals deprived of the basic needs of food or water and investigators documented desperate animals feeding off the remains and blood of freshly slaughtered friends, to survive!

During a grueling eight months of undercover investigations, ARM documented horrific treatments on animals, including goats, rabbits, chickens, and sheep subjected to being slaughtered alive for human consumption and the sales for animal sacrifice ceremonies.

On the morning of June 19th, 2013, and as a result of our concrete evidence, ARM, along with The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office and local law enforcement, raided VIP farms. A total of six illegal operations upon this property, including animal fighting and illegal animal slaughter operations, were closed.

Law enforcement arrested Andre Martinez (pedophile), Jesus Navarro (convicted horse killer), Juan M Bazan, and Daniel ‘Cuvita’ Lombana (animal killer) the most dangerous, twisted, multi convicted criminal.

Jesus Navarro received a one-year prison sentence. The remaining three offenders will soon be facing severe imprisonment over the next few months.

On this raid, 100 animals rescued, some of the animals destined for sacrifice during a live ceremony on that day. One of the offenders (Lombana) horses had to was euthanized because of severe health degradation, neglect, and incurable hoof disease. The remaining animals went to sanctuaries across Florida, where they got treatment for acute malnutrition, starvation, and illnesses. They now live out their days as nature intended.

Aside from closing down another horrific ‘house of horror’s’ illegal animal slaughter farm, ARM’s goal with Operation Sector 9 investigation’s was to challenge the current status of ‘acceptable’ forms of treatment of animals intended for religious sacrifice and the proper handling during transportation and holding before trading.