Freedoms Flight Story

Born in 2005 at the prestigious Claiborne Farms in Kentucky, Freedoms Flight was destined to fill the shoes of his famous great, great grandfather and America’s legendary racehorse, Secretariat.

Nonetheless, on race day at Gulfstream Park (Fl) in April of 2008 Freedoms suffered a devastating blow and snapped his cannon bone straight out of the starting gate. Injury aside, he continued to run to a miraculous finish and placed in third position. This was the first time in US racing history that a racehorse not only continued to run in a race after breaking a bone but finished in a money-stakes position.

Freedoms Flights would, however, soon find out that he was short of being praised for his courage. It was his last race and the beginning of his journey to hell and back.

Freedoms’ fate quickly dwindled once the owner handed possession over to Freedom’s pony handler, who sold him, with his untreated injury, to a pony ride company for a quick buck. Freedoms was then subjected to carrying children around on his back for long hours in the hot sun while suffering excruciating pain from his injury. When he could no longer able to tolerate the pain, the pony ride company preceded to sell him to Manuel Coto’s animal slaughter farm.

Once worth millions of dollars, he was sold for a measly fifty dollars. Freedoms Flight’s famous bloodline no longer had him on a pedestal. He became destined to be brutally slaughtered to be on someone’s dinner plate.

On the day he was discovered, Freedoms Flight was found tied up to a palm tree and next in line to be butchered alive amongst a slew of animals awaiting slaughter. He was extremely emaciated and suffering a severe case of strangles, disease, and rain-rot besides his severe leg injury.

When Freedoms Flight was rescued, he had tolerated as much abuse, torture, illness, and pain as he could withstand and had almost given up the will to live.

During the long months that it took to nurse Freedoms Flight back to health, ‘Kudo’ started The Animal Recovery Mission, which this horse inspired, and a vision was born to prevent other horses and animals enduring what Freedom’s Flight had been subjected to.

Today Freedoms Flight reigns in his glory as a success story, loved companion to Kudo, and ARM’s driving force and mascot. He has gone from hell and back and is an inspiration for his fighting spirit.