Operation Davie Dairy

During July and September of 2017, ARM investigated a Davie farm in Okeechobee, Florida. The investigation is the fourth consecutive one in Florida where ARM exposed the realities of the misconduct, torture and abuse that goes on inside dairy farm operations, and the dairy industry.

One of the biggest concerns witnessed by ARM’s undercover operative was the apparent lack of treatment provided to newborn and juvenile calves treated mere by-products. Some of the most disturbing animal abuse captured with surveillance equipment are detailed in ARM’s in-depth report and the video.

To read the entire report of Davie Dairy, CLICK HERE.

As with the additional dairy farm investigations within Florida, milk extracted from the dairy cows is picked up by distribution trucks from Southeast Milk. Southeast Milk (SMI) is a highly profitable co-op-owned company made up of over 320 dairy farms, including Davie Dairy Farm. Here, dairy products are processed and distributed to supermarket conglomerates such as Publix and Winn Dixie.

Following the release of ARM’s Davie Dairy Farm investigation, SMI completed an investigation and enhanced its animal welfare policies. During their investigation, Publix halted all raw milk deliveries originating and suspended the products from Davie Dairy on their shelves temporarily.

ARM is currently working on a State legislation level to amend current animal welfare policies for dairy cows.

Raising awareness is a significant focus of ARM’s factory farm division. The general public should know the truths behind food production and the consequences that animals are paying for the products which they produce.

With so many dairy-alternatives available today, there is an imminent need to end the cruelty associated with these operations for our consumption. ARM’s message stands to adopt plant-based diets, compassionate lifestyles, and to go vegan.