Operation Dean Foods

McArthur Dairy Farm

As a part of its factory farm initiative, ARM conducted its third undercover investigation regarding the mistreatment and abuse of cows upon dairy farms. Randomly selected, McArthur hired an ARM operative to do multiple jobs upon the McArthur dairy farm. These investigations took place during August and October of 2017.

Similar to the Burnham and Larson dairy operations, McArthur dairy is in one of the largest milk production areas in the state of Florida-Okeechobee.

Also, McArthur dairy is owned and controlled by corporate giant Dean Foods, and it stands as one of the most expansive dairy farms in the state of Florida with the most recognized brands of milk products. Dean Foods is the largest dairy producer in the United States and the second-largest dairy producer in the world.

Throughout this investigation, ARM Investigators utilized video surveillance equipment to capture and document a multitude of both inhumane and criminal acts involving animal cruelty. To learn more about the abuse the animals suffer at McArthur Dairy, click to read the full details of the report, HERE.

Milk collected throughout the day is picked up by distribution trucks from Southeast Milk. Southeast Milk is a highly profitable co-op owned company made up of over 320 dairy farms. Here, the plant pasteurizes dairy products. Dean Foods then controls the distribution of dairy products from McArthur Dairy Farm. Dean Foods stands as the biggest and most recognized dairy supplier in the United States.

Supermarket conglomerates such as Walmart, Target, and Publix are some of Dean Foods’ many customers, including its national brand of milk, Tru Moo made with McArthur dairy raw milk product.

ARM submitted detailed reports to various official governing agencies, including the leading suppliers of South East Milk and Publix corporations.

At the release of this investigation, Southeast Milk, Inc (SMI) distributors initiated an internal investigation, alongside the Okeechobee Sheriff’s department and mandated new animal welfare policies.

Throughout the series of investigations conducted in Okeechobee Fl, McArthur Dairy Farm generated the most arrests. Of the six total arrests made, McArthur dairy farm employees faced three felony arrests for causing cruel death and suffering and misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals. A warrant is still out for a fourth animal abuser.

A nationwide campaign went viral on the abuse uncovered, and a series of protests continued both locally and around the globe, stemming from ARM’s investigations.

ARM is also currently working on a State legislation level to amend current animal welfare policies for dairy cows.

With so many dairy-alternatives available today, there is an imminent need to end the cruelty associated with these operations for our consumption. ARM’s message stands to adopt plant-based diets, compassionate lifestyles, and to go vegan.