Arm Sanctuary, Inc

In 2015, the Animal Recovery Mission expanded its investigative division and created its Sanctuary to provide the critical lifelong aftercare of the animals that it rescues, following the organization’s undercover investigations. This evolution ignited when ARM realized that there was a dwindling and limited resource of qualified sanctuaries in Florida, specifically those who provided lifelong homes to farm animals. Since all ARM’s raids and animal rescues thus far happen in this state, the lack of homes for abused, sick, and homeless animals was posing a severe concern for ARM. As ARM’s success grew, it became a major issue towards the rescue phase of ARM’s future operations.

Therefore, ARM made the bold move to provide a service to this immediate need.

Since the inception of the Sanctuary, ARM’s rescues led to a much effective procedure and a smoother transition for the animals. On the day of the raids, every animal is safely loaded onto ARM’s own transport units and transported to the private location where they are calmly assessed and treated by ARM’s veterinarians.

Sprawling over almost 100 acres, ARM’s Sanctuary currently provides personalized care to nearly 300 animals ranging from horses to turtles. Initially, when ARM obtained the property, it was composed of basic structures and setups. After several grueling months of renovations and construction, ARM is gradually creating an idyllic living space for all animals. The residents of the Sanctuary were once shackled and confined to the most unimaginable and diseased conditions. Today, they roam freely and happily over green pastures, swim in the many freshwater lakes over the property, and receive the loving, personalized care of the animal care professionals that ARM has on staff.

Every month, the animals also receive routine medical check-ups and recorded on individualized health charts to monitor their progress. The incredible animal care staff monitors the animals who are in rehabilitation around the clock.

ARM has grander visions and plans and is currently building a capital campaign that will feature a fully equipped 20 stall barn with a medical treatment room, wash bays, feed room, and office. ARM is also making plans for state of the art quarantined building, which will also have a hygienic barn to treat and bring back to life the many animals that ARM brings onto the property from its operations. Eventually, these same animals, once deemed healthy by ARM’s medical staff, will be immersed into the free-roaming lifestyle with the other healthy residents.

ARM’s plans also include raising the capital to purchase connecting land surrounding the current Sanctuary.

With a focus on spreading the message of living a more humane lifestyle, ARM hopes to execute several educational campaigns and implement programs for its members and veterinary and animal law students.

ARM aspires to create the Sanctuary to become a model operation of animal rescue.

There are many ways to aide ARM in attaining this goal, which you can learn more about by clicking here on ARM’s Wish List.

There are also many other ways to play a significant role in making a forever bond with this movement, including Sponsoring an animal, leaving a legacy, and naming rights (coming available soon) of buildings upon the Sanctuary. You can also show your support by becoming a member or purchasing your very own ARM Sanctuary apparel.

Read more here or contact Taylor at taylor@arminvestigations.org to learn more about our interactive programs.

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