Operation Salt River

In August of 2012, ARM Investigations and Respect 4 Horses teamed up in a desperate fight to save the threatened Salt River Wild Horses in Arizona. In the coming months, the US Forest Service has plans to round up an estimated 80-100 wild horses who grace the banks of the Mesa River, 15 minutes from Phoenix’s bustling city. ARM is currently in the process of using our documentation to duplicate the investigations, and outcome, of The Walker Lake Herd.

Due to the rise of tourism in tubing and kayaking activities along the Mesa River, the US Forest Services have become aware of the wild horses and consider them as feral and polluting the river. However, and from ARM’s recent investigation, the only evidence of pollution of the area was from plastic bottles and the trash being left behind from party goers who frequent the river. On the contrary, the wild horses are aiding in the environment’s maintenance by grazing on the rivulets seaweed and reseeding the vegetation through their manure.

ARM Investigators also documented that the horses were openly sharing the land with cattle and other wildlife. With a plentiful supply of water and vegetation, there is no evidence of abuse of land, domination, or overpopulation.

The Salt River Wild Horses are considered a natural beauty and icon to locals and are a potential draw for future tourism to promote the beauty of the land and history. Recently one of the band’s leaders, Sarge, became famous for saving one of the foals from drowning in the river and drawing tourist attention to the Mesa River.

ARM and Respect 4 Horses are continuing their campaign, and our tireless efforts will not cease until the horse rounded ups cease to exist.