Operation Medina

As a part of the three illegal slaughter farms that were struck by ARM, State, and Federal agencies on October 13th, 2015, ARM investigators began its initial phase of conducting undercover investigations on a property known as Medina Farm. (Click on the link here to learn more about the simultaneous raids on Garcia Farm and G.A Paso Fino Farms)

Throughout a 4 month-long investigation, ARM operators collected evidence of this illegal animal slaughter for their human consumption purposes. Medina Farm was unique because it catered primarily to Muslim and Spanish customers for human consumption, but sold animals for ritualistic sacrificial ceremonies.

Although Medina Farm is legally licensed to trade and sell animals, it does not hold an operating license to slaughter animals; therefore, it operates illegally.

The public and neighboring residents of the property had been actively filling complaints about the abuse and slaughter of animals on Medina Farm for years. Situated in the suburb known as Loxahatchee Groves, Medina Farm is within walking distance to the elite equestrian show grounds of Wellington (Florida), recognized as the show horse capital of the United States.

The farm owner, Monieram Rathibhan, known to ARM investigators as Jay, was the manager of the farm overseeing the slaughter and sales of the animals. He operated the business with another man who goes by the name of Jay.

Through its in-depth investigations, ARM has collected multiple felonies on both of these men. Profits from this business come from the slaughter of animals and the illegal slates of their meat. Besides cows, the animals on the farm consist of bulls, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigeons, dogs, and cats. These animals, who slaughtered on-site, included domestic animals and former pets of people who resided in the area.

ARM Investigators captured footage of illegal and inhumane handling of animals, as well as the animals’ slaughter butchered for paying customers every time they visited the farm. Multiple and extremely inhumane treatments were executed upon the animals, including, but not limited to, being holstered, boiled alive, and butchered before being rendered insensible to pain.

Cattle were also inhumanly handled and illegally slaughtered, butchered and sold on this property. ARM’s documentation showed employees shooting a cow with a small .22 caliber rifle, which barely had the impact to stun the cow, let alone killing it quickly and painlessly. The process continued by the cow’s throat being severed only halfway with a dull knife. After ten minutes, the employees dragged the cow to the hoisting and slaughter area.

Documentation collected by ARM showed the cow’s moving pulse throughout this process, concluding that the cow had suffered severely.

Medina farms illegally sold slaughtered cows to individual costumers. They were known for selling to local supermarkets for the general public, a felony crime for selling un-inspected and unadulterated for human consumption.

Medina Farm also posed grave concerns on Palm Beach County’s water as the slaughtered animals’ blood is being poured into the farm’s grounds and water supply, possibly contaminating the public water supply.