Operation Larson Dairy Farm

In August of 2017, ARM commenced undercover investigations at the Larson dairy farm, located in Okeechobee (Florida). As a part of its animal agriculture and factory farm focus, ARM operatives obtained positions as employees in its efforts to unveiling the dark secrets behind the doors of the dairy industry. What was revealed, shocked even the most seasoned investigators of ARM, and confirmed rumors that the Larson dairy farm is considered to be the most brutal operations of all of the dairy farms in Florida.

During this investigation, incriminating and disturbing video footage of dairy cows and calves were witnessed and captured by surveillance cameras. To learn more about the epic abuse CLICK HERE.

Observed during ARM’s extensive investigation, was the close interaction of owner and operator, Jacob Larson, and the treatment to the animals. On multiple occasions he was found to be either serving, or encouraging inhumane acts against the animals that caused unnecessary pain and suffering amongst the dairy cows under his custody and ownership.In fact, milking barn #5 (as it is referred to) is under Mr Jacob Larson’s DIRECT supervision. At no time during this investigation, did he reserve his criminal abusive acts nor did he reprimand or fire employees for the cruelty and maltreatment being executed upon the animals. Veritably, the opposite actions were produced when one of Larson’s former employees (and ARM investigator), who attempted to disclose animal abuse upon this operation, was served Instead, with a lawsuit to retract any statements of animal abuse concerns. This is in contradiction of the company’s own code of ethics, clearly lined out in the employment contracts.

With The Larson’s Families strong ties with state universities and statewide educational programs, Mr Jacob Larson himself clearly violates legal and ethical codes of conducts upon the animals under his care.

Following the release of ARM’s Larson’s Dairy Farm investigation, SMI completed an investigation and enhanced its animal welfare policies. During their investigation, all raw milk deliveries originating from the Dairy were halted and Publix suspended the products on their shelves temporarily.

The Okeechobee Sheriff’s Department arrested and charged two dairy farm employees for kicking/hitting cows. The investigation also spurred a nationwide campaign that went viral on the abuse that ARM uncovered and a series of protests continued both locally and around the globe.

ARM is currently working on a State legislation level to amend current animal welfare policies for dairy cows.

ARM goals lie within exposing the dirty secrets that lay behind the walls of conglomerates of animal agriculture business, like the dairy industry.

Adopting a more compassionate plant-based diet will aide in diminishing the demand for dairy products.