ARM Sanctuary Wish List

Investigation Success

  1. undercover equipment donation

    Undercover Investigative Equipment

    Towards the purchases of necessary investigative devices i.e video cameras, recording devices etc. (This are items which ARM regularly needs to purchase and replace)
    $50 donated of $10,000 goal
  2. sponsor an investigation

    Sponsor an Entire Investigation

    Hire an investigator • execute the investigation/s • conduct the animal rescue • and provide vet and medical care, rehabilitation and critical supplies/feed for the rescued animals
    $1,735 donated of $200,000 goal
  3. Feed the Animals from an Investigation for One Year

    Goes to feed current two hundred plus(+) rescued animals from ARMs raids and investigations for one year
    $875 donated of $30,000 goal
  4. ARM Investigation salary

    Investigator Salary & Specialized Equipment for 1 Year

    This generally costs $100,000 per year
    $170 donated of $100,000 goal
  5. animal rescue

    Animal Rescue Following an ARM Investigation

    Sponsor an animal rescue and critical after care: Preparation, day of raid animal rescue and critical vet care following an ARM investigation
    $1,280 donated of $7,000 goal
  6. sanctuary vet donation

    Animal Care Provider for the Sanctuary for One Year

    This generally costs $35,000 per year
    $21 donated of $35,000 goal

Sanctuary Animal Structures

  1. Main Barn

    20 stall barn including feed room, equipment room, wash bays & quarantine barns
    $40 donated of $100,000 goal
  2. land donation

    Land Purchase

    Contribute to the final purchase of the sanctuary ARM is developing on now
    $50 donated of $725,000 goal
  3. Quarantine Animal Sanctuary

    Quarantine Facility

    To treat and rehabilitate abused animals after ARMs rescue operations
    $150 donated of $35,000 goal
  4. round pen donation

    Wooden Round Pen with Roof

    For training and gentling purposes
    $40 donated of $35,000 goal

Sanctuary Equipment

  1. Kubota Mower Donation

    Kubota Mower

    For property maintenance and construction
    $0 donated of $15,000 goal
  2. Property Gates and Security

    Multiple entrance gates and security systems
    $115 donated of $10,000 goal
  3. livestock scale

    Portable Large Livestock Scale

    For easier assessing and treating of animals on monthly medical check ups
    $1,050 donated of $1,050 goal
  4. farm truck donation

    Farm/Undercover Investigations Truck

    Truck for Undercover Operations and sanctuary use
    $0 donated of $4,000 goal
  5. Tractor Donation

    Kubota Tractor

    For property maintenance and construction
    $0 donated of $50,000 goal

ARM Office

  1. computer donation

    Office Mac Computer

    $0 donated of $2,500 goal