Palo Mayombe

Often referred to as Santeria’s ‘evil twin,’ Palo Mayombe is considered the darkest and most feared of all the black magic practices. ARM investigators have, on several occasions, received warnings to steer clear for their protection. A single personal item left behind is enough to use in a ceremony for severe spells and even death!

In the dark world of Palo Mayombe, many pets such as horses, dogs, and cats get stolen from loving families where they are traded for a monetary profit and subjected to brutal acts for ritual sacrifices. ARM has documented dogs and cats confined in small cages and exposed to the extremities of 120-degree heat, with only the blood of other animals to drink, a ‘step’ in preparation for up and coming ceremonies and only amplifies the degree of cruelty these innocent animals endure as “food for the gods.”

There are many intricate details when setting up ceremonies in Palo Mayombe, and for the most deathly curses, large animals are sacrificed, such as horses that are often decapitated. To the highest extreme, human bones and skulls are part of the ceremony and obtained by grave robbing or taking a life.

In 2012 ARM discovered and investigated the largest Palo Mayombe site in NW Miami Dade in the US.

ARM investigators received intel of a strange location where dolls were dressed and adorned with beads. There were also wooden statues of ‘gods’ carefully positioned, handcuffs hung over an embedded nailed statue. The ceremony setup also included pots filled with trinkets, seashells, seeds, and whips made from horsehair, and within feet. ARM investigators also discovered the carcass of a slaughtered horse at the site. 

ARM extensively investigated the site collaborating with seasoned professors of Palo Mayombe, teams from the gang force unit of the state attorney offices of Miami Dade, and CSI units to decipher the findings.

The most disturbing discovery became a human skull found in a cauldron pot or ‘prenda.’ Test results showed that the skull was heavily laced and contaminated with mercury powder, which became a hazard to the public, officials, and ARM investigators. Many members of law enforcement went to the hospital for mercury poisoning.

ARM thoroughly documented and investigated the site and proposed that it was a mass dumping site where people had attempted to discard their evil offerings of the religion. ARM is still investigating the site with authorities and experts.

Palo Mayombe ceremonies have taken place to inflict deathly curses towards ARM, and it’s Founder.