Operation Restore

In November 2010, ARM’s first undercover investigation and joint task operation resulted in the closing of over 75 illegal animal slaughter farms including several cockfighting and dog fighting rings, and hog dog rodeos. What promptly led as a result of ARM’s independent investigations, was one of the largest raids within the state. This raid was titled ‘Operation Restore’. This occurred in an area of Northwest Miami-Dade, named the C9 Basin.

The C9 Basin is directly off of Ockochobee Road, yet once entered, it becomes a maze of dirt roads and one way streets where illegal operations had been allowed to spread like wild fires. The danger element of this area has discouraged law enforcement to patrol and simulates a rustic world governed by its own Mafia heirachy.

Upon investigating the area, ARM entered these properties, going deep undercover and documented, exposed and shed the light on the many crimes and animal cruelty abuse activities that were occurring.

After collaborating the evidence to the highest ranking government officials and law enforcement agencies, ARM was able to wipe out the slaughter house operations and ordered many of the illegal structures to be torn down completely to deter future operations.

ARM continues to monitor the C9 Basin in its efforts to display our presence and determination to not turn a blind eye.