Operation Genesis

Spanning over two years, ARM endured a grueling investigation upon Operation Genesis – an illegally operated slaughter farm within Hialeah’s C9 Basin (FL).

This is a notoriously dangerous zone in which ARM has conducted strike force raids upon hundreds of illegal businesses involved in the exploitation and abuse of animals, including the infamous Operation Restore.

Illegal activities being conducted on this property include; horse slaughter, animal fighting, animal sacrifice, animal slaughter, sale of horse meat for human consumption, and the sale of narcotics, contraband, and firearms.

Owned and operated by Sergio Rivera, the business operates at multiple locations. He employs 8-10 workers who were all documented as either killing, butchering, assisting, or collecting money for animals being sold to customers for the purpose of human consumption. The owner, Sergio, also executed the barbaric killing of animals himself.

Throughout the investigation, ARM established Sergio as a prominent and deadly horse killer who has broken into countless properties and stolen pet horses both in Miami-Dade and throughout the State of Florida.

These horses are brutally butchered and their meat sold to underground buyers for human consumption. Last year, Sergio and his killers were involved in a prominent case involving the death of Destiny, a horse who had escaped an attempted slaughter but later succumbed and bled to death from multiple stab wounds to her chest and neck area.

Many of ARM’s investigations of freshly slaughtered horses and dumped carcasses have also been discovered in close proximity to Operation Genesis and nearby rural roads.

ARM investigators collected infinite crimes involving exploitation, abuse, neglect, and torture of various animals during this investigations. All animals endured long, grueling deaths and were in violation of the Humane Slaughter ACT.

The full investigation and its findings can be found in the detailed report below, as well as the documented footage and video.

At the conclusion of the investigation, ARM made tireless requests to the Miami-Dade police department for eight months. Undeniable evidence obtained and compiled by ARM has been in their possession, and no arrests have been made.

ARM’s Exclusive Video Footage

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