Animal Sacrifice

Since the inception of ARM, investigators have discovered countless animal sacrifice sites and evidence of its practices. These have been documented as finding remnants of animals and their carcasses strewn across dirt roads, dogs skewered on wooden stakes, animals body parts disposed in feedbags along canals, dismembered bodies dumped openly on the steps of public courthouses and police stations and many dogs, goats and horses found decapitated within the rural areas across the South Florida.

As with many of our investigations, there is a clear link of animal sacrifice to the illegal animal slaughter farms. Many animals are sold and bred for religious sacrifice including goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, rabbits, cows, dogs, cats and for more extreme and darker ‘black magic’ rituals, horses. Puppy mills have also been documented by ARM investigators on illegal slaughter farms on several occasions. These puppies are not bred for pets but purely for sacrificial purposes!

ARM’s investigations of the religious sacrifice have grown at a steady rate due to the existence of these slaughter farms, their culture and along with it their beliefs, traditions and religions that require the sacrificing of animals to perform both good and evil rituals and spells.

Animal Sacrifice for Religious Purposes

In the United States, South Florida has the highest population of Santeria and Palo Mayombe being practiced. This is mostly due to the Caribbean’s proximity where black magic was adopted when African slaves were bought to the Caribbean for slavery. Since then, Santeria and Palo Mayombe have become the most widely practiced religion or form of “Black Magic”

These religions heavily involve the sacrifice of animals for their blood as an ‘offering’ to the gods. The spell or curse, depending on whether the black magic is used for good or bad purposes, and the desired degree, determines the animal, and amount of blood, needed to offer to the gods or oracles.

On most occasions, a goat, pig or small animals are used in the ceremonies and are not considered as severe forms of animal torture in comparison to most. However the process of buying the animal and subjecting it to fear, suffering and disregard are not, to most of society, acceptable forms of treatment to an animal.

Case in point, Aussie – ARM’s mascot and survivor of Santeria. Learn More about Aussie»

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