Operation Proenza

The Proenza Farm investigation and animal rescue was the second raid of a two-part series of ARM’s leading investigation into Operation Sector 9. This operation involved exposing of some of Miami’s most brutal underground animal traders for religious sacrifice. This ‘business’ was owned and operated by a father & son team identified as Leonardo Dumenigo and Yainiel Proenza. Both men were not only trading animals for sacrifice. Still, they were slaughtering animals for human consumption using some of the most inhumane methods known, including being butchered, waterboarding, skinned, and hoisted up for butchering while still alive.

The principal, lucrative business upon Proenza Farms, was the open trading of animals for religious sacrifice. After their sale, the animals were prepared by tying their legs together tightly with duct tape or rope and thrown inside unventilated trunks of cars for transportation, a serious felony charge of animal cruelty in the State of Florida.

Seven days following the VIP Animal Sales Raid by Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office and other official governmental departments, Miami’s local law enforcement raided Proenza Farm. On the day of the raid, over 550 animals were rescued and placed in permanent, loving homes throughout Florida. On the property, several cockfighting roosters were also confiscated and are currently undergoing rehabilitation programs.

Both Yaniel Proenza and Leonardo Dumeningo received several serious felonies, including animal cruelty resulting in death charges.