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Once the hens lay eggs, they are collected and taken to a separate section of the property where they are packaged and shipped. Here they are distributed to suppliers and grocery retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and Publix.

ARM’s immediate goal with its Cal-Maine investigation, is to enforce criminal charges upon the workers, managers and superiors of the Lake Wales facility who have inflicted daily abuse to the hens.

Raising awareness to consumers, also lays at the forefront of this investigation. ARM conducted this particular investigation to expose the hidden realities of factory farm industries and the abuse that the animals amongst production lines are subjected to in order to produce supplies for human consumption.

As with dairy products, there are many alternatives of using eggs that are readily available in local supermarkets. Learn more by clicking here.

ARM’s message stands to educate and inspire others to adopt plant-based diets, and to lead more compassionate lifestyles – go vegan.

To learn more about this investigation, please click HERE to read the entire findings of the Cal-Maine poultry farm investigation.

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