Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) has launched a global call to action campaign to hold the Chinese government accountable for its cruel practices that continue to threaten both animals and mankind!

The Coronavirus pandemic that is currently crippling the world originated in Wuhan, at China’s ‘wet-markets’ which serves as a hub for the exotic wildlife trade.

Last month, the Chinese government took ‘steps’ into banning the live trade of animals for food, although many have re-opened.

And just last week, the Chinese Health Commission recommended Tan Re Qing, a traditional concoction which contains bear-bile as the key ingredient, to treat COVID-19.

The consequences of this clinically unsupported claim will cause the demand for bear bile to skyrocket. Wildlife trafficking will surge. The chances of spreading more viruses and diseases will increase. And it will be the bears (and potentially the human race) who will suffer for it!

ARM has been undercover in bear-bile farms, and  we have witnessed firsthand  some of the most heartbreaking and inhumane treatment to these majestic wild animals.

Click on the VIDEO above, and visit our BEAR BILE INVESTIGATION findings to learn more.