25K Reward for Stolen Horses

Between August 11th and the early hours of August 12th, 2023 , a young horse and her foal were stolen from their home in the equestrian community of South West Ranches, Florida.

During morning checks, Venus and Milagro’s owner discovered that the horses were missing and the back fence to their field had been knocked down, along with evidence of a hotwire being rigged up to lead the horses underneath.

ARM immediately responded to the owners’ distress call and has been investigating the case since, including executing extensive ground searches and working with local enforcement.

ARM is highly suspicious that this foul play will uncover Venus and Milagro as the latest black-market horse meat trade victims where horses are butchered alive and sold for human consumption.

This heinous crime follows the theft and slaughter of two other horses, War and Sammy, earlier this year. Their remains were found dumped along a canal, steps from their home in Homestead, Florida, another renowned horse slaughter hot spot.

ARM is working against the clock in this case to find Venus and Milagro – dead or alive. We are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the criminal/s responsible for the theft and suspected butchering of these two horses.

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Did you know that the slaughter of horses in Florida is a third-degree felony?

In 2010, ARM was instrumental in passing the Good Horse Slaughter Act, making the buying, selling, transporting, and killing of a horse for human consumption and possessing horse meat a felony in Florida. Perpetrators may face a minimum of one-year imprisonment and a $3,500 fine.

Do you have any information regarding this case? You can make an anonymous tip on our HOTLINE by clicking on this link:


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