Operation Dean Foods

McArthur Dairy Farm

As a part of its factory farm initiative, ARM conducted its third undercover investigation regarding the mistreatment and abuse of cows upon dairy farms. Randomly selected, an ARM operative was hired to conduct multiple jobs upon the McArthur dairy farm. These investigations took place during August and October of 2017.

Similar to the Burnham and Larson dairy operations, McArthur dairy is located in one of the largest milk production areas in the state of Florida- Okeechobee.

In addition, McArthur dairy, which is owned and controlled by corporate giant Dean Foods, also stands as one of the most expansive dairy farms in the state of Florida and is the most recognized brands of milk products.Dean Foods is the largest dairy producer in the United States and the second largest dairy producer in the world.

Throughout this investigation, ARM Investigators utilized video surveillance equipment to capture and document a multitude of both inhumane and criminal acts involving animal cruelty.

The animal cruelty crimes which revealed in this investigation, included, but are not limited to the following;

Dairy cows at the McArthur Dairy spend ten months out of the year within the milking barns. They are only released into the outside fields during the birthing phases. Immediately after, they are returned into the holding barns. When they are moved from holding areas to milking stations, they are beaten and screamed at in a chaotic fashion three times a day.

The holding areas have an inadequate number of stalls and bedding for the cows to rest outside of milking periods. Several of the barns contained 15 or more cows than there were available beds and feeding stations. Cows who missed out, and due to exhaustion, were given no choice but to lay in up to 3 inches of excrement covered concrete floors. Alternatively, the cows would stand up for the entire night.

Due to overcrowding and poor ventilation, investigators documented ongoing issues of the animals overheating. Many would show severe signs of distress and open mouth breathing.

Cows are tormented and beaten with PVC pipes and homemade ‘shank’ type instruments, in order to navigate the distressed animals into the headlocks and milking parlors. This included excessive force in the regions of their faces, backs, udders and genitals.

Flame torches are used as an accelerated method to burn all of the hair off of the udders of the cows, prior to milking. This barbaric form caused extreme pain, fear and discomfort upon the animals who, restrained in headlocks, are unable to escape the severe pain. On one instance, large flames from the torch was projected at several of the cows faces in order to have them move from a particular location. Creating panic, several cows fell to the ground.

‘Downer cows’, who were too sick or weak to move, were on multiple occasions injected with an unknown substance. They were then cattle prodded until they collapsed. Undercover operatives later stated that they were informed the substance sped up the animals heart rate. These which was explained to undercover investigators, sped up the heart rate of the cow. On other occasions the sick or weak cows were shot in the head utilizing a rifle. Cows were also taunted with electrical prodders as they were dying.

‘Downer’ cows, who had collapsed in the medical barn or their holding areas, were picked up with front loader machines or by utilizing hip clamps. During the investigation, employees were documented as using hip clamps, that are only recommended to serve the purpose of being used for a few minutes, and were used to dragging cows over long distances. Additionally, employees and supervisors would also electrically prod cows that were unable to walk unassisted.

At the McArthur Dairy birthing barn, pregnant cows close to term, have their calves pulled out by a mechanical extraction device before the cow is fully dilated. During this process, employees were also observed utilizing an electric prodder on the cows attempting to give birth. This was done under the direction of manager.

Calves that were found to be born in the fields were immediately separated from the mother The cows would scream for the babies as employees violently threw the newborns in to trailers where they then confined them to the dilapidated calf areas.

These are just a few of the severe forms of torture and abuse that occurred on a daily basis at McArthur Farm.To read the full details of the report, CLICK HERE.

Milk collected throughout the day is picked up by distribution trucks from Southeast Milk. Southeast Milk is a highly profitable co-op owned company that is made up of over 320 dairy farms. Here, dairy products are pasteurized at the plant. Dean Foods then controls the distribution of the dairy products from McArthur Dairy Farm. Dean Foods stands as the biggest, and most recognized, dairy supplier in the United States. Supermarket conglomerates such as Walmart, Target and Publix are one of their many customers of Dean Foods including its national brand of milk, Tru Moo,which is made with McArthur dairy raw milk product.

With so many alternatives of dairy available in todays society, there is an imminent need to end the cruelty associated within these operations for our own consumption. ARMs message stands to adopt plant-based diets, compassionate lifestyles and to go vegan.