Animal Recovery Mission was called to an emergency situation today, where it was brought to our attention that hundreds of animals were being held in deplorable conditions in Southwest Florida. The facility appeared to be a holding location for sacrificial animals including dogs, goats and birds.

Animals were being held without food or water in dilapidated shacks and cages. The young were not kept with their mothers and we found all animals were both emaciated and terrified.

We are in the process of loading all of the animals into our trailers and bringing them back to our Sanctuary. Between the Lee County raids and today’s discovery of hundreds of severely malnourished and suffering animals, your donations are more important than ever.

Every single animal we recovered today will require significant veterinary care and feed to ensure survival in our sanctuary. Anything you can do to help will directly benefit the well-being of these new rescues, who are desperately in need of care.

Please, please consider making a donation to help directly care for the veterinary and feeding needs of today’s rescued animals