On December 6th, 2018, ARM investigators uncovered a mass animal sacrifice site off of a public coastal area known as Hobie Beach, located in Miami Beach (Florida).

After hours of combing through disturbing evidence at four separate sacrifice sites, ARM documented three goats (one of had been beheaded), a dozen dismembered chickens as well as fruit, candles and artifacts that were placed around the animals bodies.

This particular sighting surrounded the December 4th’Feast of Shango’ – one of the most feared deities. According to Santeria tradition, Shangois known to have an appetite for turtles, goats, sheep, roosters and red wine. All of these items were found on the scene.

The week prior, ARM also discovered multiple sacrificial sites just 20 minutes from the Hobie Island sighting. The same week, a disturbing discovery was made by a paddle boarder in the Miami Bay where two turtles were found, chained together with a padlock. When they were rescued, a cocoon with a couple’s picture and two red dolls were unveiled. The land-based turtles suffered severely from being dropped into salt water, as well as from being underweight, most likely due to the circumstance and stress that they were put under. Both are currently being rehabilitated by the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami.

ARM continues to investigate and expose the epic number of animal sacrifice cases in its efforts to bring about constitutional change to the Freedom of Religion ACT.

ARM maintains its stance that it is not stating that practicing a particular religion is illegal, but instead is shining its focus on the criminal acts upon the animals.

Prior to sacrifice ceremonies, animals are traded from illegal businesses who subject some of the most violent and heartless treatment upon the animals, including the way in which they are handled, processed and transported.

ARM has currently investigated, exposed and closed down almost 140 illegal animal slaughter and sacrifice operations. With its extensive experience, animals intended for sacrifice, are kept in deplorable conditions, starved and deprived of medical attention.

When they are purchased for the purpose of sacrifice, traders will hogtie the goats tightly by means of rope, duct tape or twine, then shove them into animal feed bags. From here they are often closed inside trunks or cars without ventilation. In Florida, the temperatures inside a locked trunk car quickly exceeds over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.

With the increase of dismembered animal bodies being illegally dumped in public spaces, the issue is also becoming a serious risk to public health and safety, as well as causing irreversible damage upon the environment.

Often viewed both as a protected right and as a sanitation issue, ARM’s investigations are critical to educate the public of the true crimes of these heinous acts.