Media and it’s role in raising awareness

Media plays a huge role in ARM’s efforts to educate the world of the heinous crimes in which it investigates. Gaining national and international exposure has allowed ARM the opportunity to educate society on what they may otherwise be unaware of. Some of the media outreaches include NBC, ABC, FOX, VICE, Univivsion, Wall Street journal, Newsweek, LA Talk Radio with Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd) as wells an extensive list of local, National and International media outlets. These news stories and print articles can be seen on ARM’s website.

You can learn more about our involvement with media by visiting our website page link Media & in the news.

La Talk Radio interviews can also be heard by clicking below:

Click here to listen to LA Talk Radio’s live interview with ARM’s founder, Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto, Captain Paul Watson, Jani Schulz and the Barbi Twins. Go to the 21.00 time mark to listen to the exclusive interview. (Sept. 2nd, 2015)

Learn more about ARM and it’s investigations during the first interview with Captain Paul Watson, The Barbi Twins, Jani Schulz and Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto. Go to the 23.05 minute mark. (December 10th, 2014)