ARM Investigations is currently targeting the rising dilemma and presence of global animal fighting rings. In the USA, it is common for these fights to be conducted upon illegal animal slaughter farms as they are heavily associated with the same dark, underground world. The operating and selling of fighting animals are also providing an additional source of income to the farms.

In South Florida, ARM has succeeded in shutting down 18 cockfighting, dog fighting and Hog Dog Rodeo rings. ARM is also in the process of exposing many more operations in the coming year.

In Mexico, investigators have initiated undercover operations in the efforts to expose stallion fighting and cock fighting rings in and around Tijuana.

The animals are bred and bought to fight purely for entertainment and profit driven purposes. It is not unusual to see children attending these events as the practice of animal fighting is viewed as a favorite family past time. Besides the torture and abuse that is associated with the operating of animal fighting rings, a number of other illegal activities accompany the fights such as drug dealing, illegal gambling and weapons dealing.