21M Settlement

On May 3, 2022, a historical victory was reported that an unprecedented dent was made in the animal agriculture and dairy sector with a $21M settlement by one of the largest beverage corporations and dairy conglomerates in the United States.

This action follows ARM’s 2019 undercover investigations- the largest and most impactful to be conducted by an animal welfare organization.

CLICK HERE to view the investigation reports and footage of the three dairy farms and veal operation which ARM operatives infiltrated, capturing countless egregious crimes and systemic abuse of day-old dairy calves and milking parlor cows at Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventures, Operation Fairlife, Natural Prairie Dairy, and Strauss Veal

Upon release, ARM’s investigations inspired worldwide outrage, and angered consumers that led to the filing of multiple lawsuits against Coca-Cola and the Fairlife brand for ‘consumer fraud and deceptive marketing’ that were claiming their premium products were coming from ‘humanely treated cows.’ 

 On April 27, 2022, an Illinois judge ruled in favor of the multiple civil class action lawsuits.

Coca-Cola, Select Milk, Fair Oaks Farms, and Sue and Mike McCloskey (owners of Fair Oaks Farms and Founder of Fairlife) executed to pay out the $21M settlement. 

This is a grand victory as justice served for animal cruelty within the animal agriculture sector of Big Dairy, and one that ARM is proud to be responsible to continue exposing.

Watch ARM’s most infamous investigation at Fair Oaks Farms, including evidence of dairy calf abuse: https://vimeo.com/340031227