More Information on Sponsoring an Animal

When you decide to make the life changing steps to making the difference in one animals life, you will receive:

  • An adoption certificate of your chosen animal.
  • A personalized photograph
  • In the case where your animal does not yet have a name, you have the joy of naming your animal
  • A story of your animal so that you can feel proud of changing it’s life forever
  • Updates with ARM’s monthly newsletter for members only.

In the future, ARM will also be offering a one-on-one visit to meet your sponsored animal. This will be a part of our Sanctuary programs by 2017.

Please Note: It takes 2-3 weeks to complete the registrations of your sponsorship. If you are purchasing a sponsorship for a gift, we can arrange a gift receipt and brief until your package arrives. Please email Taylor at if you have any special requests or questions.