Stemming from the Animal Recovery Mission’s investigation of an illegal animal slaughter (and sacrifice) farm, and consequent raid of over 300 animals, the arrest of Kalito Jones was executed by the Sunrise (FL) Police Department on August 12, 2018. Jones was charged with 17 felony counts of animal cruelty and 7 misdemeanor counts including the confinement of animals without sufficient food and water.

On August. 2018, ARM recovered all of the animals from the Sunrise (FL) property who were promptly transported safely to ARM’s Sanctuary where they have been receiving around the clock care for a multitude of illnesses, disease, extreme malnutrition and neglect.

To learn more about the Sunrise Animal Rescue, click on the link here.

With the immediate influx of expenses required to provide extensive veterinary aide and dire nutrition to all of the animals, ARM is greatly in need of any donations, which can be made by clicking this link.

The parents of the 9 Black Mouth Kur puppies are being boarded at Extra Care Animal Hospital in Davie. If you are interested in adopting the pair, or contributing to the accommodation & medical care of these dogs, please contact Taylor at or by calling the hospital directly on.

In addition, ARM will post all breaking updates of this monumental arrest and convictions on our website and social media pages.

Thank you for supporting animal cruelty investigations like the Sunrise Animal Seizure.

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