Dean Foods, America’s biggest dairy milk producer, has filed for bankruptcy!

Dean Foods, and the dairy industry as a whole, continues to struggle as consumers have been made aware of the atrocities associated with the production of dairy. Millions of people are now leaning towards purchasing and consuming more compassionate, plant-based alternatives to dairy.

ARM’s dairy farm investigations have had a strong impact and influence upon both individuals and companies on people making this switch to ditching dairy from their diets. Hundreds of retailers have made the ethical decisions to cut ties with companies. In 2018, grocery chain giant, Food Lion, ended its relationships with Dean Foods, as a result of ARM’s dairy investigations.

In addition to ARM’s recent Fairlife / Fair Oaks Farms investigations, in 2017 ARM also released its investigation upon McArthur dairy farm titled in Florida – a Dean Food’s supplier. Click to learn more about Operation Dean Foods 

The future is bright for animals who are victims to the systematic abuse and cruelty of this industry wide issue.

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