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Lil Kudo was named after ARM’s Founder, Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto rescued him as a baby piglet, whilst he was undercover on an illegal slaughter farm. In the dawn hours, Kudo stumbled across a defenseless little pig who had been left on top of a dirty butcher block, amongst bloodied knives and instruments. He swiftly grabbed him and raced to safety where he then took the frightened piglet home.

From that moment on, the piglet lived with Kudo until he grew too big. Not having a sanctuary at the time, Kudo temporarily put the piglet in the care of a sanctuary. Now today, and at well over 800 pounds, Lil Kudo has returned to ARM’s Sanctuary where he will live out his days with his own personal care givers.

Lil Kudo and his story touched the heart of one of ARM’s amazing supporters who has made the noble donation of sponsoring Lil Kudo for life!

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Lil Kudo


If you wish to do a life sponsorship or large contribution please contact taylor@arminvestigations.org

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