Awareness & Education

“People change when they witness change, when they see possibilities and hope for a better world, including a better world for animals”. Whilst The AnimalRecovery Mission (ARM) was created to be an investigative animal welfare organization, its grand successes and accomplishments since its inception in 2010 have become reputable amongst it’s peers, university students (veterinarian and law students predominantly), official agencies and departments as well as in the public eye. Therefore, ARM quickly dedicated a great amount of time and effort towards awareness and education appearance, programs and conference. ARM recognizes that educating society on the crimes of animal cruelty and abuse, which it investigates, is equally important as conducting the investigations themselves. Ways in which ARM executes educational and awareness programs come in the form of, but are not limited to, the following;


Conferences, such as the Animal Rights Conference hosted by FARM, provide a new platform for ARM to educate and raise awareness of it’s mission and it’s investigations into animal cruelty operations worldwide.

It is ARM’s intention to continue participating in at least one conference annually.


Educating and encouraging the younger generations are key to the future welfare of animals and it is a relationship that ARM puts a leading effort into. Some engagements which ARM has been involved with and participates in includes; FIU’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, University of Miami (UM) and the Florida State University (FIU). Many of these students also become involved with future projects. Learn more here.


In 2015, ARM’s ‘Save the Salt River Wild Horse’ campaign caught the attention of the EQUUS Film Festival. Accepting the invitation, this video will now be featured in the festival where it has the potential to spread the issue of America’s dwindling wild horse populations.

Besides, film festivals, ARM has been featured in countless documentaries produced by such media outlets as National Geographic Wild, HBO, ESPN, CNN, BBC E:60, Univision’s Aqui a Hora and MTV to name a few.

Learn more here and watch ARM’s documentaries.


ARM has been featured in many magazine articles and top selling publications including; Red Flag magazine, LAIKA magazine, ’Bleating Hearts’ and ’Narco Cults’.

These publications and acknowledgments add to the organization’s credibility in it’s investigations.


As ARM becomes recognized and respected for it’s work, community opportunities continue to arise in their efforts to support ARM’s mission. These relationships have proved not only to be an honor, but at times of large scale animal rescue, an asset.

Some of ARM’s community outreach and support include; Whole Foods, The Miami Foundation’s GIVE MIAMI DAY, James Perse Campaign, Modern Luxury, David ‘Lebo’ Lebartard,Purina and veterinarian supply companies, to name a few. .


Volunteers play a major part to ARM, especially when it involves executing extensive animal rescues. Volunteers are critical to executing urgent animal care support, transportation to sanctuaries, distributing feed and water to animals, footage documentation, animal handling and a variety of many other tasks.

Volunteers come from all walks of life and professionalism ranging from universities, vet practices, special force programs, to name a few.


Learn more here on how Media plays a huge role in raising awareness in our communities and society as well as acting to educate the world on heinous crimes against animals.

Some of the media outreaches include NBC, ABC, FOX, VICE, Univivsion, Wall Street journal, Newsweek, LA Talk Radio with Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd) as wells an extensive list of local, National and International media outlets. Click to learn more.


ARM has a large global following and works to keep our supporters updated on it;s investigations, events and animal rescues. Utilizing the organizations social media tools as well as creating petitions on sites such as Dodo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Follow ARM on our social media platforms to stay tuned on our mission!


ARM is initiating it’s petitions and campaigns here. Stay tuned and participate by signing our petitions that will add weight to political leaders and decision makers on our investigations and campaigns.

Public opinion plays a prominent role in change and is often underestimated so join our movement now!


ARM will soon be launching it’s first newsletter that will be composed on a quarterly basis. Learn more here and sign up on our newsletter section of the website to stay up to date and informed on exclusive events and investigations.